19 May 2018

It's been 76 days I had written

Back to writing mode.....

This May unlike any other Mays in our home has been much calmer and quieter and less travelled.....But it has also got me to lots and lots of thinking.... Reading lots of blogs and listening to many TED talks probed me to self introspect....

On those lines, have made some  changes in habits that would help me more mentally - taking a hiatus from social groups, reading more, slowing down, increasing the time spent outdoors a little more, getting back to my dance class(which is yet to start)... Will write as my days unfolds....

Did my 5k today......

Closing with a picture........

04 March 2018

Day 31

Its been almost more than a week I came here- Sick week followed by extremely busy week ......

Nature near home
Now the writing continues

Holi Celebration

After 10 days I started my usual walk- Today 5km legacy finished :-)

After a very longgggg time, I explored my watch to use it effectively and went to parlour to pamper myself- One of the best things that has happened in the recent past ;-)

25 February 2018

Day 30

From Kalakshetra

Missed a day .....

We watched kannappar kuruvanji drama yesterday- a musical dance drama - bharatanatyam , a dance which has always mesmerised me , always a treat to watch :-) have always wished to watch such kind of musical feasts regularly but somehow I could not, but was very happy that I could make it and watch it - Being in Chennai, should not afford to miss these kind of shows 

I heard a TED talk where they told putting priorities like exercise as something like a broken tap in basement, which needs to be attended no matter you are busy or not- Was a very good talk, whenever I think of procrastinating, I am thinking on these lines and I managed to do my walk :-)

22 February 2018

Day 29

Linking an old post 

I still reminisce my collection of stamps and look at them and keep them safe :-) And now I share these stories with my son as well

Today I had a healthy bite of ulunthu  kazhi which is the most healthiest thing I did today for myself ;-)

An old photo of me

21 February 2018

Day 28

Pic from Internet- Beautiful words from my favourite poet
Today pretty much my later part of the day did not go well- and I missed my walk today -All leading to a crappy mood :-(   But the sun rises again- Tomorrow will be a better      day :-) 

Reading aloud a book to my son is one of the good moments that I always cherish- Nowadays I don't read to him often as he himself is a voracious reader -But once in a while, picking a small fiction and reading it to him aloud and we both talking about it is definitely one of the pleasant memories I build with my son.

20 February 2018

Day 27

I walked my 3 km today - A brisk walk indeed- People around me are inspiring me to run:-) Lets see -If I continue like this for another 10 days, I hope I will be in a better shape to run....

My bedside table

I met a good friend of mine after a very long time and casually had a chat during the walk. - It brings a good positive feel when you connect with people personally rather than connecting in a  virtual space  :-)

19 February 2018

Day 26

A forward from my friend about gemini at work
This forward tells a lot about me and my relation with work :-)

I managed to do my 4 kms very briskly today:-)

Things at home and life going on pretty okay-  but everyday life throws at us lots of incidents- Some pretty boring , some to look forward to , some to just pass by:-)