22 February 2018

Day 29

Linking an old post 

I still reminisce my collection of stamps and look at them and keep them safe :-) And now I share these stories with my son as well

Today I had a healthy bite of ulunthu  kazhi which is the most healthiest thing I did today for myself ;-)

An old photo of me

21 February 2018

Day 28

Pic from Internet- Beautiful words from my favourite poet
Today pretty much my later part of the day did not go well- and I missed my walk today -All leading to a crappy mood :-(   But the sun rises again- Tomorrow will be a better      day :-) 

Reading aloud a book to my son is one of the good moments that I always cherish- Nowadays I don't read to him often as he himself is a voracious reader -But once in a while, picking a small fiction and reading it to him aloud and we both talking about it is definitely one of the pleasant memories I build with my son.

20 February 2018

Day 27

I walked my 3 km today - A brisk walk indeed- People around me are inspiring me to run:-) Lets see -If I continue like this for another 10 days, I hope I will be in a better shape to run....

My bedside table

I met a good friend of mine after a very long time and casually had a chat during the walk. - It brings a good positive feel when you connect with people personally rather than connecting in a  virtual space  :-)

19 February 2018

Day 26

A forward from my friend about gemini at work
This forward tells a lot about me and my relation with work :-)

I managed to do my 4 kms very briskly today:-)

Things at home and life going on pretty okay-  but everyday life throws at us lots of incidents- Some pretty boring , some to look forward to , some to just pass by:-)

17 February 2018

Day 25

From Yoga class
I did my yoga today :-) More focus on breath :-)

A very eventful day- Attended an interesting talk where empowering children with responsibilities was discussed , visited a beautiful artisan market, finally met a person from whom I got few tops online and had to get it altered(but kept on procrastinating it for more than a month), had a thai dinner and got a beautiful pair of bangles :-)

Saturday was busy but its ok :-) busy in good terms :-)

16 February 2018

Day 24

Missed a day - will try not to do :-)

Friday evening -lazy evening - cuddled under a quilt - watching programs aimlessly

Today I want to write about an interesting incident that happened yesterday- A little boy in the class who joined only this year just went out of the classroom, saw the drying stand, picked up few cloths from the stand, sat on a table, folded it and put it inside the cupboard and walked away- Such a beautiful undirected responsibility :-) makes me to reflect more about a prepared montessori environment.

14 February 2018

Day 23

Picture from the past- Tulip garden from Central Park,NY
Today when I was coming back home, I stopped by to get flowers from my flower seller paati and she had lots of roses with stalks- I asked what is the price and she said 60 and its a valentine day :-) Years back I have been an active listener to lots of discussions , anecdotes , interesting proposal stories and used to wonder about all this- Will we ever get excited about a day ? Will we really feel the need to celebrate - Years have passed by and ages have rolled on - Many gestures from my husband like making sure I get out of kitchen at 6:30 am, making sure my plate for breakfast and other items are ready at the table, glass full of water and insisting me to drink even if I am in a rush and making sure I have my morning happy are what is Life made of  :-) I now know what to cherish :-)